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EPLN's goal is to provide a variety of resources for students, teachers, and the community including our Mentorship program, Scholarships, materials for educators to use in class, and general academic and professional development content for young El Pasoans.

Stay tuned as we grow and develop our resources page!

Join and help build the community

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Become a Mentor or Mentee!

The highlight of EPLN is our mentorship program where we provide personalized guidance and resources to El Paso high school students to help them achieve their goals.

Whether you're interested in traditional college or a trade, EPLN is here to support you!


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EPLN has partnered with "Cultivating Tomorrow" another El Paso non-profit focused on video and content creation to develop resources on planning, applying, and paying for college.

More modules coming soon!


Jobs and Scholarships

Find opportunities!

Our volunteers at EPLN have compiled a list of opportunities for the El Paso area.

The list will continue to be updated and added to. Be sure to also check out volunteer and internship opportunities with us at EPLN through the "Get involved" page.

We will be adding a scholarship page soon as well.

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