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Intern with EPLN

Core Tasks

Contribute to EPLN's mission in providing accessible educational resources and guidance to the El Paso community.  As EPLN grows, we are looking for a volunteer intern with an interest in non-profit work for this virtual internship.  The  number of positions and selection criteria will be determined by where support is needed.  This will vary depending on the needs of the organization at the time.  Some possible areas include:

  • Social Media & Marketing

  • Fundraising and Grant Writing

  • Program support

  • Educational Development

  • Research 

  • Digital Media & Graphic Design

  • Public Relations and Outreach

  • Data analysis and technology

​Application Materials

  • Resume

  • Cover letter

    • Include a statement of purpose

    • Let us know of your interests and areas of expertise so we can match you with fitting projects

  • Portfolio (only applies to social media and design positions)​



Learn more about our mission and the work we have done in our Our Mission and News pages.

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