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EPLN Updates and Partnership

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

After a summer of planning, hard work, and dedication EPLN is proud to announce the launch of our updated website! After 3 years of navigating the waters as a new non-profit organization, we are moving forward to the next phase and expanding our programs.

EPLN is currently undergoing a transition and as we say goodbye to old board members we are welcoming in new ones. Our new director of Educational Programs joined us this summer to help us begin updating our mentorship program structure and curriculum, and we look forward to begin working with our new Financial Director this fall.

This semester we will be trying out creating member spaces for mentors and mentees on our EPLN website to keep everything in one place and maintain communication and engagement within the scholar community.


We are also excited to announce EPLN will be partnering with fellow El Pasoan Non-Profit "Cultivating Tomorrow" to bring more resource content to the EPLN community/

Cultivating Tomorrow provides practical tools to prepare, plan, and pay for college. Made up of a team of alumni from El Paso school districts, now at various universities, Cultivating Tomorrow is developing these tools to empower students. You can find these resources HERE.

In the coming year, EPLN will also be working with Cultivating Tomorrow to develop new and improved resources for the EPLN Scholars mentorship program.


EPLN is committed to continuously growing our network and improving our program and resources. If you are interested in working with EPLN in any way or contributing to our mission, please contact us at

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